Soft drinks will ruin your teeth.

Aside from affecting your health in other ways such as sugar intake and weight gain, people who drink soft drinks regularly are 62% more likely to suffer from tooth decay.

Diseases show up in your mouth?

Aside from affecting specific parts of the body, 90% of diseases have oral manifestations. That’s why regular check-ups are important!

An apple a day keeps the dentist away?

Eating an apple a day is no substitute for brushing and flossing, but it can help clean your teeth and increase salivation which helps neutralize the citric and malic acids in your mouth.

Don’t rush your brush!

We humans spend over 38 days of our lifetime brushing at the sink; so it’s important to take our time to clean our pearly whites throughly.

We salivate too much!

Ever wondered why we have to place a suction into your mouth during procedures? That’s because we produce over 730 litres of saliva every year!

Your teeth can’t fix themselves!

Unlike your hair, nails and skin that can regenerate once damaged, your teeth are the only things in your body that can’t fix themselves. That’s why caring for your pearly whites are very important!