Children Dentistry

“A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care.”

Children Dentistry

“A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care.”

Start Young

Oral health in children is important and often overlooked. Finding a good dentist who is experienced in managing and treating children is crucial to your child’s development and maintenance of healthy teeth and a good smile. Your child’s dentist should be able to quickly develop a good rapport with your child, anticipate, and effectively manage your child’s behaviour in a dental setting.

What Makes Newlife Dental Different for Children’s Dentistry?

Every new life is precious and we want your child to thrive. It starts with dedicated, wholehearted care that sets your child up for a lifetime of amazing oral health.

We utilise friendly, gentle, and intentional methods such as positive reinforcement to build trust between us and your child. We praise and reward them each step along the way. Not only are our professional doctors well-trained, we also emphasise and care deeply for our patients. Rest assured – your child is in the best of hands. 

Our doctors will teach you and your child all about preventative care, oral hygiene instructions, nutritional counselling, etc. We’ll guide you and answer your questions concerning your child’s development. 

With a dedicated kids waiting area, your children can play and relax before and after their appointments, helping them relax before their treatment. Screens above every dental chair allows your child to watch their favourite show or movie during treatment. 

We are sensitive to your child’s needs and we pay attention to fine details during your child’s dental visit to create an enjoyable experience for them, while reducing their anxiety. Your child will look forward to visiting their dentist and caring for their teeth from a young age so they can have a beautiful healthy smile for life.

Habituation and Easing Fear

Many adults have a phobia of their own dental visits because of traumatic dental treatment experiences when they were children. At Newlife Dental, we focus on delivering positive treatment experiences for children. As they go into adulthood, they are so interested and motivated about their own oral and dental health.

For children who may be anxious or scared of their first dental visits, we have a children’s habituation programme where we introduce them to various aspects of our dental environment such as our dental chairs, our equipment, and materials in a fun, gentle manner. We understand that every child is different and we strive to make dental visits fun and enjoyable and not a regular ‘doctor’s appointment’. We are proud of our success in helping families and their children overcome their fears and anxieties. Many of our children’s patients become our little friends and eagerly look forward to visiting us for their regular visits!

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    Why and when should I bring my child for his/her first dental visit?

    Your child’s primary teeth (milk teeth) are extremely important. Having a healthy set of teeth allows your child to eat well and chew comfortably. This allows them to grow and develop to their full potential. Your child’s nutrition and dental development can be negatively affected if decayed or broken primary teeth are not treated early.

    In cases where decayed and broken teeth are visible or are painful, your child’s self esteem and overall emotional health may be negatively affected.

    The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children should see the dentist when they get their first tooth, or by the age of one at the latest. This allows the dentist to check for the onset of early rampant cavities, as well as growth abnormalities. At Newlife Dental, we will also teach parents teeth care and brushing techniques to start off your child’s oral health on a right note. Maintaining good oral hygiene for your child helps to prevent most common dental problems such as tooth cavities, abscesses and swollen gums.

    Routine checks and teeth cleaning

    Children grow so fast and they are ever-changing. The same applies for your child’s oral and dental development. At your child’s routine dental visit, we will conduct a thorough teeth cleaning and gently remove built-up stains so that their teeth return to their sparkly best. We will also check their jaw and nasal airway development, which can have implications on their quality of sleep as well as the development of teeth grinding during sleep. It is important to identify such problems early as many of these conditions can be resolved or improved when managed early.

    Jaw growth and teeth alignment monitoring

    At your child’s dental visit, we will also examine and check your child’s oral and jaw development as well as monitor their teeth eruption and alignment. Some children at risk of developing severe teeth crowding in their teens may benefit from a process of early braces intervention so that they can grow into adulthood with a better facial profile development and a straighter, beautiful smile.

    Early braces intervention

    Early braces intervention is the process of starting early orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment in children before all their adult teeth have erupted into the mouth. With children at risk of developing severe crowding (malocclusion) and teeth impactions, early intervention can reduce their need for complex orthodontic treatment when they are older, and also encourage better development of their oral and jaw structures. Early intervention can be done with conventional metal braces, and increasingly popular treatment options such as Invisalign. 

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