Dental Implants

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Dental Impants

What is a Dental Implant?

Typically made from titanium or another biocompatible material, a dental implant, by itself, is simply a thin post. After it has been surgically placed in your mouth, it integrates with the bone tissue and serves as support for a crown or another type of prosthetic tooth. Whenever you bite or chew, the implant will stimulate the bone, which tells the body that the area is in use; this prevents the jaw from breaking down so it can continue to support the mouth and face. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Longer Lifespan:

You don’t have to worry about replacing implants every few years as they can last for decades at a time in a healthy mouth.

A Firm, Strong Base:

Crowns, bridges, and dentures that rest on implants don’t slip, and they are strong enough to chew all kinds of foods. 

Healthier Jaw:

Implants are the only kind of restoration that can help stimulate the jaw.

Natural Look and Feel: Many patients find that implants feel like their natural teeth, and the restorations will give your smile a dazzling appearance.

What Happens During Dental Implant Treatment

Replacing teeth with dental implants is a process that requires multiple steps and appointments. First, you will undergo an in-depth consultation with our team so that we can assess your oral health, learn more about your goals, and determine whether or not implants are the right solution for your circumstances. 

If you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, the next major step of treatment is the surgical placement of the implant or implants into the jawbone. This allows them to essentially become the new ‘roots’ that will serve as the foundation for the eventual dental restoration. During a gradual process known as osseointegration, your natural oral tissue will start to bond with the biocompatible implant. Once the bond between the implant and your oral tissues has matured, you’ll be ready to return to the clinic again. Finally, our dentists will design the ideal restorative solution for your needs. The style and size of this restoration will be determined by the number of teeth that need rebuilding. Rest reassured, you are in good hands with the experienced team of doctors at Newlife Dental.

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