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What is Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are usually the last teeth to erupt. They often appear in the mouth in the late-teens to early twenties. Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing discomfort and pain when they get infected. In many people, their wisdom teeth grow sideways or crooked, and are extremely challenging to clean. In some patients, food debris that is wedged between an impacted wisdom tooth results not only in an infection of the general area but also tooth decay of the adjacent front molar. Progression of decay often necessitates the removal of the wisdom tooth and also treatment for the adjacent molar.

At Newlife Dental, we are sensitive to the anticipated fear of pain during the procedure of removing a wisdom tooth, as well as the worry of post removal discomfort. Therefore, we have carefully curated our choice of anaesthetics, instruments and medications to allow for optimal post-treatment recovery.

The treatment fees for some wisdom tooth surgeries may qualify for Medisave subsidies. If you would like to claim these fees from Medisave, our service team will be happy to submit the claims on your behalf.

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