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Dr. Low Xin Ting

Always wearing a smile, Dr. Low Xin Ting always strives to invoke positive improvement and change in her patients’ dental health, and helping change their lives through dentistry.

Graduating from the NUS School of Dentistry in 2018, Dr Low found herself in the field of paediatric dentistry, operating on children for the Health Promotion Board. She then joined the National Dental Centre, where she honed her skills in crowns, bridges, and dentures for special needs children, as well as patients with complex dental issues that required special care.

Seeing the lives of patients change when they see their new smile, and having a brand-new sparkling smile is what drives Dr Low to put on her white gown everyday. Interacting with patients, learning more about their lives and how she can help them are just some of the reasons why Dr Low is part of the Newlife Dental Team.

During her free time, Dr. Low practises CrossFit and keeps an active workout regime. Feel free to ask her for tips!

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