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Dr Pang graduated with a BDS degree from the University of Singapore in 1979. She obtained her MDS (Operative Dentistry) in 1988. In 1991 Dr Pang pursued dental implant training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. She was a Fellow under the MOH Health & Manpower Development Program (HMDP). Subsequently she was inducted into the International College of Prosthodontists, USA.

Dr Pang worked for 19 years in Ministry of Health institutions such as the Government Dental Clinic, Schools Dental Service clinics, Alexandra Hospital dental clinic, the Institute of Dental Health and the National Dental Centre. During those postings Dr Pang gained valuable insights and in-depth clinical experience, treating complicated cases and acute cases in both out-patient and in-patient settings.

In 1998, Dr Pang joined the Raffles Medical Group, involved in the planning, implementation and setting up a new dental specialist centre in Raffles Hospital which was operational in 2001. As the dental Clinical Director, Dr Pang expanded the scope of dental specialist services. In 2004 Dr Pang devoted almost 2 years at Gleneagles Medical Centre, where she was in-charge of a private practice with a busy Japanese clinic.

Since 2006 Dr Pang helmed a successful private practice with 2 other senior dentists. She has received numerous excellent reviews and strong recommendations from her patients. Passionate, dedicated and caring, Dr Pang always aims to deliver safe and sound treatment to all her patients. She finds great satisfaction in her work when her patients benefit from her care. Dr Pang has treated preschoolers, youngsters, adults and elderly seniors with excellent outcome. Helping each patient to regain and maintain healthy gum and teeth, providing high quality restorations and dentures, a comfortable bite and a pleasing smile has been her motivation and care as a dental surgeon. Being able to provide pain-free treatments certainly helps her patients achieve a high level of well-being, strong confidence and peace of mind. Dr Pang relates very well with young children. Her friendly personality coupled with patience and a reassuring gentleness enable her to gain their trust quickly during their dental visits. Dr Pang is a specialist in prosthodontics. She has treated countless patients who have lost their teeth or whose teeth are badly decayed. She improves their biting ability and appearance with crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants, solving their embarrassment at the same time. Appreciative patients and their family members have given excellent testimonies of Dr Pang’s expertise and care in these areas.

Since 1992 Dr Pang has held the appointment as a part time adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry NUS. She has mentored countless dental undergraduates these past 30 years. Currently a Fellow with the Academy of Medicine Singapore, Dr Pang is registered as a prosthodontist in the Roll of Specialists at MOH.

Current Membership of Professional Organisations
1. Singapore Dental Association, life member
2. International College of Prosthodontists USA.
3. Prosthodontic Society, Singapore.
4. College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore (prosthodontist)

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